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Commercial Ad.Display


Higher resolution!
Original A grade screen panel ,no light spot,full hd and 4k resolution.
Full view angle!
Clearly view angle from all side ,support vertical and landscape.
High brightness!
550-700nits brightness ,ideal used for shop windows and menu board in restaurant





Super thin and Ultra slim!
The narrower and thinner frame make it look more elegant.
Industrial design!
Aluminum frame with polish finishing, design in R shape with collision proof.

Multiple interface!
A variety of interfaces to meet the needs of various scenarios


Size dimension display area resolution brightness
32" 739*433*18+23mm 697*392mm 1366*768 500cd/㎡
43" 1003*529*26+30mm 943*531mm 3840*2160 500cd/㎡
49" 1131*661*26+30mm 1078*604mm 3840*2160 500cd/㎡
55" 1267*740*26+30mm 1209*680mm 1920*1080 500cd/㎡







Widely used in various industries


Restaurant electronic menu board


Retail display


Window display


Government guide screen

Medical guidance screen

Traffic sign



Two Management modes

USB Management mode


Content scheduling and playback can be accomplished via USB without the need to connect to a server. Fully automated commercial display automatically plays after power up.
Product features: The product is based on the Android operating system, the platform supports 1080P full HD playback, support for seamless video switching, split-screen playback, station logo, rolling subtitles, time display.
basic skills:
◆Time switch: After setting the switch time, the whole system will start automatically during the boot time period; it will automatically stop running and enter the power off state during the shutdown time period.
◆ Split-screen playback: Supports one video area and multiple image areas. Multiple areas are displayed at the same time.
◆ Auto video rotation: videos and pictures can be rotated automatically with the direction of the screen.
◆ Ad insertion function: It can realize fixed time and insert corresponding advertisements.
◆ seamless video switching: video switching between the black screen.
◆ Multi-media support function: U disk and SD card can be supported.
◆ Multi-language: Supports most national languages such as Chinese and English, supported by TTF vector fonts.
◆ Automatic copy: SD card to local storage.

Network Management mode

Using Founya Multimedia Management System, the terminal can be managed in real time on the PC or mobile phone, publishing and downloading pictures, videos, PDFs and other documents.
Product features: The use of centralized control, unified management, through the network display terminal remote monitoring, system management, upgrades, maintenance is convenient and fast.
basic skills:
◆ Remote setting terminal: timer switch, timing or real-time volume. Support remote upgrade or U disk upgrade terminal.
◆ Real-time monitor terminal online, dropped, hibernation, download progress, play content.
◆ Terminals are grouped and terminals in different regions are set in different groups.
◆ The materials are automatically grouped and uploaded to different groups such as videos/pictures.
◆ Supports video/audio/picture/text/subtitle/, PDF/PPT/SWF/, real-time text/picture/form/video at the same time.
◆ Upload local or remote files. After the file is uploaded, it is safe.
◆ You can import an existing template, or you can create a new custom template.
◆ Play area: 1 main play area, countless sub-play areas; 3 rolling subtitles; other area has LOGO/date/week/time/clock/weather/city map/weather map area.

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