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LG Original panel

■LG/Samsung Original panel, quality assurance
■ 1920*1080 Full HD Screen
■A Grade without any light and dark spot
■Full View angle:89/89/89/89


6Points IR touch screen

■High stability, High adaptation,
■ 4cm tempered glass, anti-explosion, anti-scrape.
■ resolution::4096*4096
■ 5000 millions time touch times, long life time 

Industrial Design!

■ ergonomics design: 35° oblique angle
■ white painting, high end and concise
■ recess design prominent line


Module Construction!

■ Strictly according 3C standing to design.
■ Modular design, much easy to maintain。
■ cables follow trunking, much clean。
■  power supply with cover, much safety  




Shopping guide System

【Intelligent Inquire
1. 3D map: 3D map able to show the mall much visualize, people easy to find the Store, and tap the LOGO to know more information.
2. Way finding: intelligent guide people to target location
3.Intelligent inquire:  search the store , know information and way finding. 

Latest Promotion
1.Shopping mall’s promotion: using picture and video to show
2.Store’s Promotion:promotion list, picture to show, route guidance
  Shopping mall information
1.Shopping mall introduction;
2.Transportation and other services near the mall 
Band Store
1.All Band store:  Logo list and introduction.
2.Way finding: guiding people to specific store
3.Latest Promotion: Store’s Promotion and sale promotions
4.New store: new stores information and introduction.
  Movie theatre
1.Introduction about the Movie theatre
2.The Latest Movie and introduction.
3.opening time about Movie theatre
4.ordering movie tickets online
1.Member card introduction and details
2.Support using Phone login in ( by message) , or  swiping Member card
3.Inquire Member points and others
4.Member’s gift and conversion.
1.when Member Login in by Phone number, Mall could push the latest promotion to Member’s  Phone or Email.


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